The Huffington Pounds: The Cost of Healthcare Is Falling Again

Health care costs in the United States are falling again.

The cost of health care for the average American has dropped by $11,000 in just over a year, according to a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

That’s down from a year earlier, but the rate of drop is still quite significant.

The index of medical inflation (IMCO) shows that the cost of medical care dropped by 5.5 percent last year.

This is an indication that healthcare costs are continuing to fall, and that people are taking steps to lower their costs.

Health care spending is expected to increase by 1.4 percent this year, the biggest increase in 10 years.

The drop in health care costs has been accompanied by a big increase in the number of people using health insurance, which has helped to drive the overall rate of health spending down by 7.1 percent.

The number of uninsured Americans rose by more than 1 million to 6.5 million in the past year, but that number is expected only to rise.

That growth comes as a result of people signing up for new insurance plans or switching to less expensive options.

That is a good thing, because the uninsured rate in the country is still higher than in most of Europe, where the uninsured figure is about 6.6 percent.

Here are the other big changes that have made the U.S. economy more competitive: First, the unemployment rate fell to 6 percent, the lowest it has been in over a decade.

Second, the number who are actively working has increased from 7.6 million in 2014 to 8.5 a year later.

This means that nearly 1 million people are working or looking for work.

Third, there are more people with health insurance than ever before, but there is a sharp drop in the overall number of Americans enrolled in private insurance plans.

This could help to keep the number from continuing to grow.

Finally, the overall health care spending has dropped because of the rising costs of drugs and devices, which have come to a halt as manufacturers have stopped making them.

While drug prices have fallen significantly over the last few years, the rate at which new treatments are being developed is rising.

That trend could continue, which will boost the economy by about 0.3 percentage points, the authors say.

The report does not include a breakdown of the growth in health spending.

For the past two years, health spending has been rising faster than the overall economy.

However, the Kaiser report is the first to provide an estimate of health insurance costs in a year.

That should give people more information about how much they are paying and how much of the increase in health costs is the result of lower drug prices.

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