When police stop you for ‘driving without insurance’

Police in Banfield, Texas, have started to stop motorists with no insurance from getting behind the wheel of their vehicles.

The Banfield Police Department is currently testing out a new device which it says will stop motorists who do not have insurance from going through a checkpoint.

The device, which is called the “Drive-Safe”, is an automatic license plate recognition system which can detect vehicles and stop them if they have an expired or uninsured plate.

The new device, developed by a Banfield-based company called Banfield Automotive, is equipped with a GPS that can be used to identify the vehicle and automatically stop it.

Police in Banfields Police Department have started testing out the new device called “Drive Safe” (Image: Banfield police department)”The Drive-Safe is the result of a partnership between Banfield and a company called AutoSafe, which has been contracted to build the system,” police spokesperson Lt.

Chris Cunha said in a statement.

“It uses technology that is proven and proven-to work.

We’ve tested it in an area with a lot of traffic and we have no problems with it.”

The Drive Safe is a new feature in Banford, a small city of approximately 10,000 in the Texas Panhandle.

The local police department has been using the technology for about a year, and the first vehicle equipped with the new system was rolled out to the public in February.

Police officers and drivers from Banfield have been using this new device to stop drivers who do have insurance.

The DriveSafe can also identify if a vehicle has a sticker for an insurance company, which can help police determine if the vehicle is in need of insurance.

It’s been an exciting development for Banfield residents.

“We’ve got a lot more than 100 officers in our department now.

We’re looking to expand the program to the entire city, so we’re working with Banfield to get a system up and running,” Cunhasa said.

Cunha also said that the new Drive Safe can detect if a car has been “parked for more than five minutes without an insurance claim”, and is designed to work with all types of insurance companies.

“The more that we know about the cars that are in that state, the better we can make our systems,” Cunoha said.

“As a community, we have an interest in knowing where the cars are parked and where they are not, and if there’s any problems, we want to be able to help.”

A video of a driver being stopped by police for a “driving without a valid plate” can be seen below.

Banfield police have also introduced a new service called “Driving Without Insurance”, which is designed for drivers with a valid license plate to get through a check point without having to go through a police checkpoint.

Anyone with a “drive-safe” device can be asked to hand over their device for inspection and then a new one can be tested, according to Cunhas.

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