How to avoid the car vs plane ringworm problem

The ringworm crisis has hit the US, and it’s starting to get really expensive.

If you’re going to be spending your vacation on the road, consider these tips to avoid getting infected with the ringworm disease.1.

Wear rubber gloves and wash your hands thoroughly.

Ringworm is a very common parasitic infection, and when the infection spreads through the skin, it can cause itching and swelling.

Wear gloves and soap to keep your hands clean.2.

Wear a mask to protect against the ringworms’ venom.3.

If your car is in a traffic jam, be sure to remove the tires, and then put your car in reverse, in case you need to reverse and get out.4.

If the car is parked in a crowded area, check to make sure you have enough room to maneuver.5.

Make sure your car isn’t in a parking lot and isn’t too close to a building.6.

Don’t put any food, drinks or other food in the car until you’re sure that you can get to a doctor.7.

If it’s raining, bring enough food to eat and drink water and a towel.8.

If possible, use the toilet while in the city.9.

If a child is at home with you, be extra cautious when you’re outside.10.

Be aware that people can get infected by being in the same room as a child.11.

If someone has a respiratory infection, do not try to take the person’s temperature.

If there is a cold, go home.12.

Make a list of the things you need before you leave your home.13.

Wear protective clothing such as a mask and goggles.14.

If at home, use your phone and other electronic devices to stay connected to your computer.15.

Avoid having pets or children in your home, as these can also carry the ringbug disease.16.

Wear disposable gloves and long sleeves if you have contact with your skin.17.

If in a car accident, be prepared to walk out of the vehicle with a scratch or two.18.

Do not take anyone home if they have been infected by ringworm.19.

If symptoms begin to show, seek medical attention immediately.20.

If all else fails, go to the emergency room or the nearest hospital emergency room.21.

If this is your first time getting infected, seek professional care from a health care provider.

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