How to manage access to healthcare coverage in a Trumpcare plan

Care plan examples: A care plan is a collection of policies that help you manage your healthcare needs.

These examples are intended to help people understand what a plan might look like and how it might affect their healthcare.

 These plans typically provide: Coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

Coverage for seniors, disabled people, and others with chronic conditions.

Care for children.

Coverage of certain family planning services.

A plan may also provide coverage for people who are covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

 The plans may have a maximum annual income limit and are often structured so that they are relatively small and cost-efficient.

A care provider can set out a detailed plan and ask a client to sign it.

Care plan example: A plan can include: Health insurance for you and your family (in most cases, this is a premium plan) Coverage for yourself and your dependent children (in some cases, a single-payer system, which means the costs are shared between the provider and the patient) Health insurance coverage for yourself, your family, and your dependents if you are under age 65 and the plan has coverage limits (for example, your monthly premiums are capped) The care plan example shows that there is a limit on the maximum annual number of coverage you can receive for yourself or your dependent, but this is not required by the law.

Care plans may also include: Coverage of your family for emergencies, like illness or a funeral (but not for your spouse or minor children) Coverage of family members for the purpose of childbirth, adoption, and other family-planning services A care plan may provide a variety of coverage options, including: Coverage that depends on your age and income.

Coverage that varies based on age and family income.

Health insurance benefits for certain medical conditions.

For example, a plan may have coverage for certain drugs, surgery, or medical procedures that are covered under Medicare, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Other coverage benefits: Health benefits may be offered to the covered person, such as coverage for prescription drugs, mental health care, or emergency care.

If a plan covers a particular service that is not covered under the plan, the plan can offer additional benefits.

These benefits may include: Covering other health care services and equipment.

For instance, a care plan might include coverage for a home health aide who is paid by the plan.

The aide can provide other health services, such a physical exam or prescription medication, and may receive a discount for providing these services.

In some states, a person who is under 18 may be able to purchase health insurance coverage through the Medicaid health insurance exchanges.

Care Plan Example: A Medicaid plan would pay for health care for you, your spouse, or dependent children who meet certain income and age requirements.

You and your spouse would be required to pay for care of a family member, a physician, or other healthcare provider, and you would also be required, if you had an existing health insurance policy, to purchase a health insurance plan.

This plan may include coverage of a home care aide, for instance.

You could pay for your care yourself or someone else would pay.

Other benefits include: A deductible.

You may be required by a plan to pay a deductible that is higher than the maximum amount you may pay in a single payment plan.

Coverage may also be subject to limits.

A policy may provide coverage limits.

For more information on limits, see the Health Care Cost Institute’s Health Coverage Limit Calculator .

A health plan may cover emergency and/or rehabilitative services, as long as you meet other eligibility requirements.

The person who pays for the care may be responsible for paying a premium.

For more information about health insurance and the law, visit the Care Act website.

Care Plan Example

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