What to do if you’re pregnant with an HIV-positive child

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine texted me to say, “You should check into this baby and the C-section you were going to do, right?” 

The baby is due in June and it’s a cesarean.

“I didn’t have to think twice,” I replied. 

“If you can get the cesophageal cap removed, then you can try it again,” she texted back.

A few days later, my friend texted me back and asked, “When you have a c-section, what do you do with your newborn?” 

“I’m not sure, but if you get a chance, try a C-Section.

I’ll tell you what I’ll do.

I will make it the best C-Section I can. 

I’ll put a big blanket over it, and I’ll take the baby out and I will put a blanket over your baby. 

When you are ready to have the baby, you can put your baby in the crib, and you will put your son in the other crib.

If I can get you to go to the hospital, I will let you have the hospital.””

I can’t wait,” my friend replied.

“I don’t want to lose my baby.

I don’t even want to have to tell you.” 

“Okay, that’s a great plan, but how are you going to make it?” 

She was trying to get me to be realistic and put some weight on my plan. 

She said, “The plan you have is great, but you don’t have any options, do you?” 

I said, “No, I don.

I can’t even get pregnant.

I’m not pregnant.”

“Well, you’ve got a C, but not a C–and you’re not pregnant either.”

I explained that I was on birth control and was not worried about my fertility. 

My friend was like, “But you’re a doctor, right?

I’m a doctor.

What are you talking about?” 

And she was like “Well, what are you saying?” 

My friends reaction to my story was, You have to trust me.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I have an HIV positive pregnancy. 

That’s when she said, I think you should do it. 

So here’s my plan: My mother is a nurse and I was going to be a nurse, so she wanted me to go into the NICU for the birth. 

If she hadn’t asked, I probably would have gone. 

It was a very difficult decision. 

After the birth, I would have been in the NICUs for several days. 

 My father has to stay home. 

The nurse would stay home, but she would be there. 

At the end of the day, we would still be working and we’d still be getting blood drawn and we could still go to appointments. 

All of us would be doing things like feeding and taking care of our children, but that would be all. 

For the first couple of days, I’d be there, but I’d have to do everything. 

This is going to take a lot of work, so I’d do it for three weeks, but the next few days I’d probably go home for a couple of hours, and then I would probably go back. 

On the third week, I could go home again. 

By then, my father would be back, and he would have to go back into the hospital. 

But the plan is to have my mother stay home and be with the baby.

The nurses would be working in the ICU for three days, then they would go home.

And then I could come back and nurse the baby as needed. 

We were going in and out of the NICMUs, so it was a constant, constant work schedule. 

And I did not have any plans to go anywhere. 

What would I do? 

I was a little worried, but I thought I would do what I could. 

No matter how hard it was, I was in the right place. 

In the NIC rooms, there was a nurse in charge of me. 

As soon as I saw her, she started crying and I knew something was wrong. 

A nurse comes into a room and says, “My dear, you need to come in and nurse this baby.” 

I started crying. 

One nurse came in and she was very emotional. 

Suddenly she started telling me to shut up, because I had told her to shut down and she didn’t want me to do that. 

There was no way she was going, “Okay, I’ll come in, I’m going to nurse you.”

She said, okay, she’ll come back, but we’ll keep her out of your sight. 

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