‘The best thing that can happen to us’ to help the homeless

Homeless people, some of whom have been left homeless after a recent spate of violent assaults, are now receiving medical help to prevent further attacks.

The Homeless Services Board has ordered its staff to provide free emergency care to homeless people with mental health issues in order to keep them safe, and will now begin to help them in the community.

The board has already made referrals to the local mental health service and social workers for mental health services in the area, including the local council and the council’s social care department, to help with the initial appointment process.

According to the Homeless Services board, the emergency care services will start immediately and continue to provide support to the homeless and people living in crisis.

“We will be providing them with support and they will be able to receive appropriate support at their time of need,” the Homeless Board said in a statement.

It added that it would not be making any further appointments in the coming days to offer additional support.

In a statement, the Homeless Service Board said it was “encouraged” by the move and the government’s decision to offer a free emergency treatment to homeless, but said that people with serious mental health conditions were still at a high risk of violence.

Homeless people who are facing serious mental illnesses should not be left out in the cold and we welcome the Government’s commitment to provide a safe place for homeless people to live and work, the board said.

People living in poverty and those in homelessness are not always the most vulnerable in society, it said.

“Homelessness is a mental health issue that affects all of us, but it can also impact the lives of the vulnerable who are often the most at risk, and are often overlooked by social workers, mental health workers, and other health and social services,” it added.

“The board recognises that homeless people living on the streets, in temporary accommodation, and in temporary social housing are also at risk of becoming victims of violence and are at risk for mental illness and substance abuse, but they are also people who need the most support to survive and thrive.”

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