Why soap care plans are costing taxpayers $8 million more per year

A new analysis from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows that the average cost of a soap care provider’s plan is nearly $8,000 per month, even after adjusting for inflation.

The cost per month has been increasing each year since 2015, as providers have raised prices to cover rising costs.

The CFPB report found that a soap-based plan that includes the cost of an oil cleansing product, shampoo, soap, and shampoo detergent costs the consumer more than $835 per month after adjusting to inflation.

A full-time soap-focused care plan for a family of four that includes a shampoo, shampoo and soap cost $1,039 per month in 2020.

The plan also includes an average $2,000 fee for soap, which is an increase of $300 from the previous year.

The soap-centric plan costs $7,500 per month for a person to keep up with the soap, shampoo or detergent.

A shampoo-based soap-related plan costs a total of $827.30 per month.

The analysis comes after President Donald Trump and lawmakers recently proposed an increase in the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.

The Consumer Financial Protect Bureau also released a report last week that found that soap cost is rising even faster than inflation.

That report showed the cost per soap-use increased from $7.85 per month per person in 2015 to $8.03 per month last year, an increase that was the largest in 20 years.

The price of a full-service soap-care plan that included the cost to use an oil-cleaning product and shampoo also increased from about $838 per month to about $1.099 per month by 2020.

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