What you need to know about the COVID-19 trial

A trial involving around 1,400 people in the community of Osteoarthria is set to begin in Australia on Tuesday, to determine whether people can continue to use their existing health care provider, even after the coronavirus pandemic has ended.

The trial, which began in November, is part of a national trial being conducted by Health Canada and will involve more than 1,100 patients in the Osteosauria region.

It is the second phase of a three-year trial for more than 100,000 people in Australia to be assessed to see if COVID can be safely resumed with new care.

“In order to be able to get back to work, the majority of people have to get their health back to the normal level of activity, which means they have to go back to doing their daily activities,” Dr Robert Brown, chief medical officer at the Ora, the community’s health system, said.

“People who are currently in that mode of care will have to return to their regular mode of caring, which they know they can’t do in their current environment.”

It is hoped the trial will help assess whether people returning to regular health care services can continue using their current provider for more frequent visits and routine tests, or if they need a more extensive and personalized care plan.

“For a person to be in a stable condition, they have got to have the right level of fitness, and there is a need for a more integrated approach to support that,” Dr Brown said.

Dr Brown said people returning home from the trial would be eligible for a free assessment of their health and fitness to work.

“There is a lot of work to do to establish how long they are going to need to be out of the community, how they will be able maintain their health, and how they’ll be able keep that fitness up and they will not have to rely on people at home.”

The trial will take place in Ora in the Northern Territory and at the Otago Medical Research Centre in the Southern Island.

The Ora trial is expected to last for three months and will look at people returning from the Northern Territories and the Southern Islands, Dr Brown says.

“It will be conducted in a way that allows us to get some information out of this as soon as possible.”

“We are not expecting it to be a trial for the general public.

We will not be able, for example, to take a person from the Southern islands, or the Northern territories, and have them be tested at the Southern trial.”

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