How to find out if your manager is a good fit for your career

There are certain traits that can help a manager in assessing the value of your potential for success.

The first of these is whether you are “a good fit”.

This can be a bit tricky to gauge, as different people might have different opinions.

But the general principle is that if a manager says “I think I could make a lot of money here”, it is likely to be because he thinks you have the right attributes and traits to be successful.

That is, you are a good coach.

But there are also certain things you need to be careful about.

One of these traits is whether the manager is “too close” to you, and how close he is.

If you think you have more in common with someone, or are similar to someone else, this could be a good sign that you have a “good” fit.

For example, if your boss is a friend of yours, or a relative, then it might be good to be honest about that.

It might be easier to just say “yes” to everything, if you can avoid being too close.

But if the manager you are interviewing says “no”, then it is probably a sign that he is not a good candidate for the job.

So, what are the traits that are good for a manager?

There are three main categories of characteristics that can tell you whether a manager is the right fit for you.

They are: a good manager is: someone who has had the experience of running a football club and who is not only an excellent football manager, but has the character, the temperament, and the intelligence to make the right decisions.

They also know how to manage people and the organisation, and who can handle a challenging job.

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