When you’re pregnant, you need to think about your poop

Parents in Wisconsin are facing a new rule that says no one can ask students to “consume” toilet paper or other household items, or to urinate on the floor.

The state Department of Education says the rules, which were put in place by the state Board of Education, don’t violate students’ privacy or civil rights.

The department also said the policy is in line with the Wisconsin Constitution and the state’s civil rights laws.

But the American Civil Liberties Union says it is not only unconstitutional, but also a violation of a student’s constitutional rights to privacy and dignity.

“It’s a violation to the rights of a person to be able to ask someone to be quiet, to be not disruptive,” ACLU legal director Josh Sugarmann told Fox News.

“There is a big difference between asking someone to not do something or to do something that they’re uncomfortable with.

They’re not asking to be the only person in a room and they’re not doing it to be disruptive.”

The department’s rules came to light earlier this month.

The new rules say students can’t leave the room while taking care of a personal hygiene product such as soap or a dishwasher or cleaning the toilet or changing the water in the toilet.

Schools that use the rule are required to inform students that they must not “conspire to interfere with another student’s enjoyment of a school resource” or “to obstruct the exercise of an educational function.”

Sugarmann said the state is also asking that school officials “identify the appropriate response to the behavior” in order to be exempt from the policy.

In a letter to parents on March 8, the state said it’s “important that parents understand that the privacy and privacy rights of students do not depend on their personal choices, including whether they use the restroom or other school resource.”

But Sugarmann said he believes that the rules are “misleading” and “unconstitutional.”

He said parents have a constitutional right to privacy in their home, but it’s not an absolute right.

“Parents should know what their rights are when it comes to privacy, not what their right is in terms of privacy in the public sphere,” he said.

“They shouldn’t have to worry about their privacy being violated, but if they do have privacy concerns, they shouldn’t feel like they have to hide it from their kids because the law is saying they have the right to.”

The ACLU also says students should be able “to use the bathroom or change the water without being asked to do so.”

Sue C. Johnson, an ACLU of Wisconsin staff attorney, said the rules violate students privacy.

“The students are not required to be responsible for the safety and well-being of their friends, classmates, and teachers,” she said.

“Parents have the constitutional right not to be bullied by their kids.

The privacy rights to use the toilet are not absolute, but students should not be punished for not using the restroom.”

The state has been criticized for making its policies about bathrooms and toilet paper a state law and not an individual choice.

The American Civil Rights Union has also called on the state to end the rules and rescind its request for public comment on the policy changes.

In response to questions about the policy, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction sent a statement saying, “We have worked closely with the department to clarify and clarify, but we have no further comment.”

“This new rule will make it more difficult for our students to learn, participate, and excel,” the statement said.

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