India: ‘We have to be ready for anything’

New Delhi: In a sharp contrast to the last couple of years, the country’s top decision-making bodies have moved forward in their decision-taking on a number of issues, particularly in defence.

The top defence brass in India is now headed by a former Union Defence Minister, who has been nominated as Defence Minister.

The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCSS) has also made major changes in the process of selecting a new Secretary of the Defence Department.

There have been many changes in defence policy and strategy, but the focus has been on strategic planning, rather than the development of the armed forces.

In the last few months, the Indian Defence Ministry has announced a number for its strategic planning and has been putting a lot of emphasis on the creation of a new “core” of strategic planners, a group of high-ranking officers that will be tasked with developing the “core”.

The central government has also launched the “Defence Force for Transformation”, which is meant to bring in “sustained and credible” strategic planning for defence. 

The Centre has also set up a new National Strategic Commission (NSCC) that will focus on “strategic planning and strategic development of strategic issues”. 

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) will now be headed by retired General G P J Abdul Kalam, a former Army Chief and a former Central Bank Governor.

The National Strategic Coordination Group (NSGC), a committee of experts, will be headed up by former Chief Secretary Raghav Chadha, a retired Army General and former Prime Minister of India. 

While the Cabinet Committee is heading in this direction, the Central Board is working on its own strategic policy.

The Centre is also moving towards developing a comprehensive plan for defence strategy.

This, despite the fact that the overall defence budget has grown more than 30 per cent annually, despite a slowdown in the economy, despite increasing pressure on the army and navy, despite threats to the country from external threats, despite constant pressure from India’s neighbours, and despite the government’s efforts to revive the economy. 

But, these changes, in my view, will not help the country to deal with a number or challenges that we face. 

In the past, we had to adapt and adjust to new realities.

Now, it is possible to be flexible.

There is a need to think ahead and to look at issues differently.

The government is also trying to be more pragmatic.

For instance, there is a demand for a better policy on climate change, for a new strategic plan, for the formation of a Centre for the Study of Carbon Capture and Storage, for enhancing the capabilities of the military, for an infrastructure plan.

The military is facing its own challenges.

But it is not just the military. 

What do we need to do to get a better defence?

First, we need a more effective and robust military.

This is an issue that the military faces, but we have to address it differently.

We need a defence that is more capable and capable of meeting the challenges that India faces, and that is able to deal effectively with external threats.

We should make sure that the armed force is strong enough and strong enough to defend our country and our people, our land, our resources and our environment. 

Second, we should be more assertive and proactive. 

I am a proponent of proactive diplomacy, which is what we need.

In many ways, India is more assertively developing our diplomatic skills than it is in the past.

This requires a different mindset.

The world has changed, but it has not changed the way India deals with challenges.

India needs to be proactive in its diplomacy and its interaction with the world.

We also need to be assertive in our defence and security. 

Third, the military has to become a more modern organisation.

We must invest in modernisation, which means upgrading and upgrading our weapons and equipment.

We cannot rely on the military being modern.

India must invest, in order to strengthen our military, in modernising it, in training and equipping its troops, in creating a new capability for our armed forces, in developing new weapons and training the soldiers, in improving their capability. 

Fourth, the armed services must develop an effective defence capability.

This means, among other things, developing a force-sharing capability, a joint defence capability, the ability to fight both conventional and unconventional warfare, the capability to conduct joint operations, the capacity to train, equip and equip a force and the ability of the army to conduct operations. 

We must develop a force for the defence of our country, a force that can protect our land and people, a capability that can provide an effective deterrent, a deterrence to external aggression, and a capability to be able to defend the country. 

Finally, we must create a strong defence capability that is flexible enough to respond to changing situations, to be equipped to respond, and to be in place to respond.

What do I believe will happen? The

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