Why you may be better off using a self-pay iPhone plan

It’s hard to imagine an easier way to get the best out of your phone than a self pay plan.While there are plenty of competitors out there, Apple has built a loyal following of customers who believe in their own ability to make a change, regardless of whether they have the time or money.With that […]

How to avoid getting stuck with the $600 bill for your medical care plan

The Affordable Care Act provides a way for people with pre-existing conditions to stay on their plans while their doctors determine what type of care they need.However, not everyone can be insured on a plan with an emergency clause.This means the coverage they need won’t be covered if a catastrophic event occurs.The problem with that […]

FourFourThree: FourFour’s strategic career plan rationale

There’s no question that many of the strategies outlined by FourFourOne’s founders, including its own career management tool, are becoming the norm.And yet it’s hard to know how much of this change has to do with the fact that people are starting to see a career as a lifelong goal.It’s also hard to pin down […]

When you’re done with burn care, what’s next?

Car floor plans, burn care plans, or career planning are among the topics on the minds of many young adults heading into their final year of high school.A report released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday revealed that about half of Americans who participated in the National Health Interview […]

Mid-Career Plan Training: How to Get Your Company to Take Your Vision Care Plan

By now, you’ve heard that the world of vision care planning has changed in recent years.While the concept is the same, the methods for managing vision care plans have changed.What’s also changed is the focus on a holistic vision care model, which means there are no specific “categories” for each of the options you may […]

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